Women’s Football Day 2019 held

Dhaka: Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) along with the organizers of Bangamata U19 Women’s Gold Cup held a boot camp, Women’s Football Day 2019, for the young girls of Dhaka’s schools on 12th April,2019. During the boot camp the young girls met some inspiring figures who provided hands on training. Two such figures were Jessica Hurtado and Katerin Munoz, two Colombian Women’s National Team player, who participated in World Cups. Another notable figure was Paul Smalley, the technical and strategic Director of Bangladesh Football Federation. Their presence, advice & training truly uplifted the girls. Jaya Ahsan, the famed actress, was also present as the brand ambassador for Bangladesh Women’s team, while Mr. Smalley headed the overall operations. For such a project the scenic ground of Fortis Sports Ground was selected. The boot camp kicked off with a welcome speech at around 9 in the morning and ended with prize giving ceremony at around 4:30 in the afternoon. The whole day was divided into two halves, the first half was training and the second half was filled with exhibition matches. 53 national team and 37 BKSP women players present on the day and broke up into six units, each unit specializing in a particular aspect of the beautiful game. Then each unit set up a specialized training camp in a different corner of the field. The participating girls who came from different schools were also broke up into six teams. Then each team of girls spent 15 minutes in each of the separate training camp. After a solid 90 minutes of training everyone needed a break. After lunch & refreshments the girls representing their schools took to the field for exhibition matches. After eight thrilling matches the judges picked 11 outstanding girls and honored those with “Best Promising Player” medal and everyone else received a certificate of achievement.
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