We have a philosophy to drive the development of young players because we want to produce young talented footballers. Bangladesh Football Federation has proven itself at turning young potential into excellence. Our philosophy remains to produce potential young international players. The academies will play a signficant role in the game, consistent through all the age groups and instil a culture of education first whilst maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty amongst the people who serve within it. Our players are at the center of everything we do — our focus is to help them reach their full potential. The highly committed and professional staff members are accordingly very motivated towards that goal and help provide the world-class environment players need. With new training facilities on the ground, the opportunity of international exposure is very realistic. The mission is to identify, select and recruit outstanding young football talents from all regions of Bangladesh and provide them the best opportunities to realise their full potential. This means helping them achieve footballing excellence and fulfilling their all-round potential, as people, through a holistic development programme with a high global benchmark. The federation’s commitment towards elite player development is to specifically build a pathway for male and female players. The identification of international talent will be targeted and achieved through fostering excellent community relationships and developing a network of talent identification through regional and national scouting strategies. The federation is committed to engaging the required number of appropriately qualified technical, medical and support staff to operate an effective and efficient international player development pathway and various development programmes. Bangladesh Football Federation will strive to support the local football associations of districts and divisions in providing the best possible assistance and guidance for effective implementation of the international player development programme. The best medical and physiotherapy support will be provided for all players as part of the international player development strategy. Academies and international development pool players willbe provided with a tailored coaching and development curriculum to ensure a balanced programme of coaching and education. The holistic development of potential international players will be prioritised and held paramount. Bangladesh Football Federation advocates a policy to define, develop, promote and share best practices. The Bangladesh Football Federation intends to enhance player development with SAFF and AFC competitions and tournaments. In addition, we provide access to the best facilities staffed with experts committed to individual development, team play, coaching and training. Our programme focuses on the following aspects: - Physical development - Psychological development - Development of individual technique - Football skills based on the Ajax, Milan and Southampton system - Strategies tactics and technique - Specialist training methods for outfield players - Specialist training for goalkeepers