AFC A Certificate Coaching Course begins

Dhaka: The first phase of the AFC A certificate coaching course-2019, organised by Bangladesh Football Federation, has begun at BFF headquarters on Saturday. The 11-day long ongoing phase of the course will continue till May 14. A total of 21 candidates have been chosen for the course. These participants have come from different foreign countries including Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Malaysia and Maldives apart from Bangladesh. BFF technical and strategic director Paul Thomas Smalley is conducting the course as the head instructor. The A certificate course is only for the coaches who hold both the ‘C’ and ‘B’ Coaching Certificates. During the 148 hours of both theoretical and practical sessions, the participants will be trained in tactical and advanced technical requirements of teams and team management. Teachings of the physiological and psychological needs of the players are part of the module, and are important to enhance the coaches’ understanding of the game at this level. The practical sessions will take a total of 64 hours to be finished while the theoretical part of the training will be held in 78 hours. After the training sessions are accomplished, the participants will be given with objective based tasks fulfilling which a coach can join in the second part followed by three practical assessments and two theoretical exams. Coaches are examined on the practical and theoretical aspects of the game, and are required to submit and present a dissertation. Moreover, they have to brief a presentation on a dissertation topic in front of the class.
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