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BFF Coach Education Scheme provides a comprehensive approach to developing coaches from grassroots to elite level. The coach education pathway maps the learner’s journey from a new coach undertaking the first course right through to the advanced qualifications required to the elite level. The BFF AFC Coaching Education Scheme is for coaches involved in all aspects and levels of football in Bangladesh with junior, senior and talented players. BFF considers coaching as a profession, one that should be taken seriously and a very difficult one. The level of competence and extent of knowledge have vast room for improvement. Consequently the necessary education process will be lengthy and complex. The C Licence is the first stage of this process, followed by B and A licences, and the Professional Diploma. Coaches are beginning a journey towards becoming informed, expert and professional at their jobs. Of course their previous football experience and education will provide them a solid platform for this journey. The BFF recognises that participants bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience with them which will hopefully be shared and thus multiplied.